Bicycle 1900


Just like the 1800's, the 1900's deck is full of secrets and history. Dis-arming your spectators with the unique design, you’ll stay one step ahead of them at all times.

Lying within the wear and tear of the 1900's, is a marking system that is practically invisible to the untrained eye. Only those who know the secret to this deck can unlock the markings on the back of the cards.

You'll quickly understand why these cards set the new standard when you start using them yourself.

What would a deck of cards look like if it survived over a century?

Two world wars, nineteen presidents, the Titanic’s maiden voyage, man’s first steps on the moon, McDonald’s selling its first burger, new Coke, Woodstock, and countless other historic events.

The Bicycle 1900's Deck looks like it’s been weathered and abused, exposed to the elements, left to experience every second for over a hundred years.

But these cards are an illusion in themselves, because they may look very old, but they handle superbly. You have to keep telling yourself, this is a new deck of cards.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mobilni Casino Ltd. (Brno, CZ)
I like it

I love that deck of cards. Specially vintage set.

Akiva Silver (Tel Aviv, IL)
This is the code to the markings!

In the dirt/smoke are some
brighter lines. just look at all
the cards and memorize the

daniel mcbride (Sydney, AU)

Great cards

Spencer H (Brooklyn, US)
Great feel and look

Good cards slides well for poker. The print on the edges match sometimes taking away from the illusion but everything else is great.

Sherri (Tulare, US)
Very Cool Deck!

My daughter loves these cards!

Jason (Bath, GB)
Great bicycle cards but........

You dont get instructions on the marking system and they are not available online. If you are looking for a marked deck i would personally avoid until they decide to release the marking system

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