The Axolotl Playing Cards is a project created to help support the Axolotl conservation efforts in México by spreading knowledge about this amazing creature through the art contained in these playing cards.

Axolotl Playing Cards
  • 56 cards (52 cards + 1 Joker + 1 thank you card + 2 educational cards about the Axolotl).
  • Fully custom art for all the Court cards, Aces and Joker.
  • Matte black tuck box and spot UV ink print for all the details.
  • Printed by Cartamundi on their amazing True Linen B9 Finish.
The Axolotl is famous and beloved, a celebrity among amphibians. Named after an Aztec god and the inspiration for a Pokémon, it can heal itself better than Wolverine from the X-Men, even regrowing lost limbs.

In nature, the Axolotl is in peril. It is native only to Lake Xochimilco, a UNESCO World Heritage site outside Mexico City.

In 2006, the species was declared critically endangered due to habitat degradation and the pervasiveness of invasive fish in the lake. In 2009, experts estimated that the axolotl population had fallen 90 percent in the past four years, a decline further exacerbated by urbanization. In 2015, scientists briefly believed that the critter might have gone fully extinct in the wild-only to find one a few weeks later.

This little guy its been in danger for a long while now and needs our support to survive.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Vazquez (San Juan, PR)
Better than expected

I bought this because a friend loves axolotl's, and we both fell in love with the customized pips in the cards. Everything in this deck is just beautiful and they handle well.

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