Your main axis defines your life, your goals.

And you have secondary axes that will add beauty to your life.

Be careful and jump into those secondary axes - they will make your main axes richer.

This NOT A DECK - it allows you to create interaction wherever you are.

Talk to people, share ideas, feelings and emotions.

That's why we are here

  • Printed by Cartamundi in B9 finish (improved)
  • Premium relief matte tuck case
  • Full custom back and faces
  • Secret MARKING system to find a card in the deck
  • Additional cards: one introducing you to the artwork, one introducing you to the artist
  • Concept and original drawing by LineStory
  • Designed by Jules

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Marco C (Toronto, CA)

These cards have an amazing feel and a beautiful design. Great handling and looks very nice when fanning. One thing I wish would have been included with the deck would be instructions on how to read the so called edge marking system. But aside from that great deck.

Chris Whittington (Steilacoom, US)

Now maybe it's just me being stupid but the only complaint I have is the fact that I can't read them ( you know because they're marked). I've only been playing with cards for few years now so maybe I just don't know what's up but this is like the third or fourth deck that I've bought that are marked that I was never told how to use. I always think that when I buy a deck that is marked it will come with something explaining on how to use them but I never do. And what sucks is that's the whole reason I bought them.

kaden Dickerson (Orlando, US)
Amazing cards

beautiful cards! Slick right out the box.

Sam (Mishawaka, US)
Simple and elegant

The design of these cards has a very elegant look. Not as big of a fan of the cartamundi stock compared to uspcc. Mine developed the dreaded "click" after literally about a half hour out of the box. Not a deal breaker for me as I did by these for the design, but still slightly disappointing. Also, all suits are the same color and pips are in the center of the top and bottom. Just something to consider depending on your intended use.

David Morales

It's a very beautiful deck and the feel to it is amazing.

Cool! Thanks David

Matthew Ronk (Saint Louis, US)
First Cartamundi Deck

At first I was a bit skeptical on ordering a deck that wasn't (USPCC) because all of my other decks are from them and I wasn't sure on the quality or anything of Cartamundi but after I saw them in the short video I knew I had to get them, They're so gorgeous and they honestly feel incredible and look great in any sort of movement 10/10 would buy again and if anyone else is skeptical as well I promise they're worth it

That's awesome! Thanks Matthew

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