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Chris Ramsay Lecture - Playing Cards and Magic Tricks - 52Kards

Chris Ramsay is best known for his appearance on Wizard Wars and his ever growing social media platforms! A sleight-of-hand artist who brings his personalized aesthetic style to not only his routines but also to his branding and he'll be sharing all of his trade secrets with you. This being his very first lecture, Chris will take a look at past releases such as The Praxis Control (a very fooling card control), Slipshift (color change), Klepto (card Steal) but he's also brought some never before seen or published effects such as a clever and hilarious watch steal routine and fantastic opener for stage mentalism. Be sure to tune in for what is sure to be an unforgettable ATT Experience!

Customer Reviews

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Dakota Babyak (Cleveland, US)

Chris does an amazing job at explaining each effects thoroughly. These effects and sleights aren’t for the beginner magician. All of the effects are worth performing at least once. Definitely recommend this lecture if a beginner magician wants to improve.

Jayden (Petaling Jaya, MY)
Its a great lecture

For two hours filled with tricks and experience from Chris Ramsay it's really worth it

hyrum wise (Del Rio, US)

this lecture is so so good and the moves are perfect

Robert Smith

For the price and two hours worth of content that you can't find anywhere else. This is an amazing deal!

Joe Taylor (Anoka, US)

pretty sneaks moves are tought

Mitchell Ward (Cheltenham, GB)
Very good lecture

This is an excellent lecture. Chris is just as enthusiastic and energetic in this lecture as he is in his YouTube Videos. Some of the tricks and sleights he uses are a bit move monkey, but there are also others which are very simple and don't rely on sleight mastery.

Overall very solid. He constantly brings out tricks and any dead space in between is filled with very useful insight and entertaining chat.

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