The Ascension Playing Cards is an original set of decks designed by Steve Minty. This deck is inspired by one of the most popular fantasy television series in the last decade. I wanted to focus on were the diverse "families" depicted in the series as opposed to individual heroes, villains and so forth. Each house has their own agendas and values that they live (or die, a lot) by and I couldn't help but find that intriguing.

Product details:
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Features 56 fully custom cards
  • 2 gaff cards (1 double sided, 1 blank)
  • Printed with silver ink
  • Custom foil seal
  • Silver foil and embossed tuck box

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Collin Kelly (Fishers, US)
Everything a $20 deck should be!

This decks incredible the backs are a great design, the courts are all unique and well thought out. The add cards make a very cool cool design and above all the cards handle very well. If they ever make a bears or tiger version of these cards I’ll be purchasing them as well

Jay (Indianapolis, US)
A dope deck! nuff said

Recently decided to cop a deck of Ascension, definitely 10/ 10. Love the design and the feeling of the card. Fast delivery and the deck arrived in a brick box along with my other orders wrapped in bubble wrap. Shout out to 52Kards for taking care of my order!

You're welcome Jay, come on back any time.

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