Alpha Deck


The SELF-WORKING, 3-phase miracle...with a mind-blowing ending.

This is "Do as I Do" on steroids!

The deck is divided in two. The performer touches any card in his half. The spectator touches any card in their half. When the cards are turned over, THEY MATCH in color and number...2 RED ACES! With everyone burning the deck (watching it super closely), the effect is repeated. Miraculously, THE CARDS MATCH AGAIN...this time 2 BLACK ACES!
NOW HERE'S THE KILLER FINISH...You explain that they couldn't have chosen any other cards...literally...because there are none! The rest of the cards are turned over and THEY ARE ALL BLANK!

Alpha Deck comes with:

  • Blank Deck
  • Custom gimmicks
  • Full video tutorial
PLUS 7 POWERFUL EFFECTS that use a blank deck

Alpha Deck:
  • is completely self-working
  • instantly resets
  • has no bad angles
  • does NOT require any sleight of hand
Get it today and perform this 3-phase miracle tonight!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Elton Tse (Vancouver, CA)
Great arsenal for magicians

Very fun to perform and the gimmick can be applied to many routines. The instruction videos are clear and easy to perform. Definetly one of my favourite purchases.

Mark (Charlotte, US)


Jason Thomas (Cedar Hill, US)
Fun Cards

This truck is very easy to do and absolutely blows peoples mind. With this one deck there are several different tricks you can do. Lot of fun

Gavin Wowak (Ben Lomond, US)
Trick isn't bad, extra effects are nice

the trick is very good if pulled off correctly but sometimes very sketchy if they are able to spot a double.

Meir (Lakewood, US)

Really great reactions, will need little practice,and the other 7 tricks are killer tricks
Thank you for still operating during these times!!

You're welcome Meir! Enjoy the tricks

Eric Buzzard (Oklahoma City, US)
Must have for card magicians

This really is a great trick and super easy to do, maybe one or two practice runs and you'll have it down.

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