In collaboration with Turkish artist Furkan Sener, we are pleased to present A Typographer's Deck. This unique deck of playing cards features 54 custom playing cards representing the art of typography. The detailed back design and easy-to-read pips ensure that game play is both practical and fun. Packaged inside a matching tuck case. 

This is a fun deck, with many typefaces in evidence. These are utilized in a very clever manner, and you will thoroughly enjoy using this remarkably unique deck of cards. 

Limited Edition of 2,500. Printed by the U.S. Playing Card Co.

    Customer Reviews

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    Dominic (Lancaster, US)

    Great cards that get the job done the stock isn't anything special it is classic, takes a little while for them to break in however this is not what you are buying these cards for. These cards are for art. Quite simply these cards are a work of graphic art. I love them!

    Stephan (Tucson, US)
    Lovely looks and good handling

    I really enjoy the art on these cards. Every card is different and eye-catching. If you like typography, I think you'll enjoy these. They are also quite playable, thanks to standard indices on the corners.

    One thing to be aware of is that you may be able to deduce the suit of the card by the way the index bleeds onto the top edge--probably not recommended for a high-stakes game.

    Zac Millard (Kelowna, CA)
    Really Cool Deck

    This deck looks incredible. Every single card is unique and they feel great.

    Nikola Nikolic (Dietikon, CH)

    Beautiful design, makes you want to have them in your hands at all times.

    Roman (Houston, US)
    Great Design

    They look amazing and handle well

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