Real Man's Wallet


The Real Man's Wallet is a completely functional and ordinary looking wallet, with a powerful secret. An ingenious load chamber is designed in the wallet to secretly and quickly load a business card or playing card into a sealed compartment. Included with this wallet is a detailed video with instructions on how to use the wallet and a great routine that can be performed with it.  

"Steve Draun's wallet is the most practical, well made card to wallet I have seen to date.
It is affordable priced and should be in the repertoire of any card worker concerned with fooling his audience." - Richard Kaufman, Genii February 2000   

Customer Reviews

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Gregory (Fort Mill, US)
Clever and Well Built

I'm not a magician, but I acquired myself a Real Man's Wallet based on the relatively small learning curve and apparent good quality as an everyday wallet. I can attest that it is indeed good quality and making the switch from my old wallet to this one was easy. That said, my only complain was the lack of compartments. As a wallet, it has the cash area and the cards area, with a pocket behind the cards, and a display pocket for licenses or IDs. I wasn't expecting a coin zipper or anything, but most of the wallets I've owned before this one had at least one other place to store cards or miscellaneous things. That said, I'm still quite satisfied with the wallet, and intend on using it as my main wallet.

RJ Dearing
My new main wallet.

I was just mainly shopping for a new wallet, but holy cow this gimmick is awesome to pull off on my co-workers at the shipyard. They'll give me a card, I'll vanish it and it just shows up in the place where my badge goes. Really fun trick to pull off with some practice.

Fernando A. Sancho (San Francisco, US)
Love It

very cool wallet and so easy to use, best way to end an ambitious card !

Brett Kozma (Saint Johns, US)
Well Built, Nice Wallet

This is as well built a wallet as I've ever had. I haven't had a chance to put it to use in terms of performances, but I can see this thing will be a killer. I highly recommend it.

We're big fans of this at 52Kards, thanks Brett.

Jace (New York, US)
Good wallet

Well constructed wallet not crazy about the load

One of our favorites here, thanks for the review Jace.

Aaron Nabulsi (Melbourne, AU)
Real man's wallet fan

The is a wallet you can use every day, I use it for my cards and cash. But just like that this wallet becomes your best magic friend, for tricks with business cards or a card to wallet this real man's wallet works like a charm. Easy and effective.

We are big fans of the Real Man's Wallet at 52Kards. Thank you for your purchase Aaron.

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