The Seers Laetus

The Laetus is a deck that fulfills all of the requirements of both cardists and magicians. Not only that, this deck is perfect for collectors too, as it will never be reprinted!

The geometric back design of the Laetus is striking. Offering two different rear-fanning designs makes this deck not only visually exciting, but excellent for cardistry as well. We love cards that stand out, and these highly contrasting colors make the red really pop!

To ensure that your cardistry is mesmerizing from all angles, we put a center fanning design on the front of the deck. This also adds an extra flourish to magic tricks when spreading the deck.

We have hidden a Six of Spades reveal on one of the Jokers plus a duplicate Six of Spades, to make sure you are always ready when someone asks to see a trick.

While still being flashy, we think the tuck box is sophisticated and sensible, worthy of the top shelf in your card collection.

Features of the Laetus include:
  • Premium crushed stock
  • Air cushion finish
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Stylish front and back fanning design
  • Recognizable pips and Courts for spectators
  • Snazzy tuck box

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Anonymous (Fort Qu'Appelle, CA)
smooth feeling

very nice deck, definitely recommend for a beginner set and really design.

Walter Graham (Seminary, US)

The cards feel amazing. But the backs are inconsistent. This doesn't ruin them though. A great deck for collectors.

Justice (Burlington, US)
Great cards

These cards are AWESOME!

Francisco Garcia (Austin, US)

Simply put amazing quality deck. Just learning cardistry but i know the deck will last. If you're thinking of buying stop thinking and do it.

Rotting_hands (Portland, US)
Super catchy colors!

Really recommend for cardistry moves. Really appealing
and exciting to see a fan. Something about red just catches the eye!

Molly Doegey (West Sacramento, US)
Love them!

Bought these for my son and he loves them. Good quality and easy to use.

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