Rosewood Wooden Card Cabinet

At both ends of fashion, one end is cool and the other is elegant. The wooden card cabinet is a display that is very popular with card collectors. The new Rosewood Wooden Card Cabinet has a total of 15 empty slots and can accommodate a total of 15 cards. You can even use it to create your collection corner.

Every piece of rosewood has a natural texture that cannot be copied, and so is the card cabinet built with it. The rosewood used to build the card cabinets grows in sunny mountains around 100 meters above sea level. Compared with the dark-colored walnut, the rosewood has bright colors and clear and beautiful texture. Thanks to the durability of rosewood, which is not easy to crack and deform, and the characteristics of color and texture, rosewood has always been known as a synonym for "the beauty of oriental classical furniture".

The special structural design, the close stitching between the plates, and the concealed and firm seams make you can't help but want to take a look at the card cabinet. Each grinding and polishing process of a finished product has gone through at least three times and finally shows round details.

All boards are equal thickness 5mm, after grinding, the size of each empty slot is 2.4cm x 6.7cm, just fit each standard size card.
  • External dimensions : 221mm x 99mm x 150mm
  • Inner dimensions of empty groove: 67mm x 24mm x 94mm
  • For 15 decks collection
  • Good corrosion, rubbing performance.
  • Not easy to crack and deform
  • Hidden and firm seams
  • A smooth experience for taking out

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tyler (Redmond, US)
A beautiful card box

The box is small and compact and holds the deck of cards without any issues. It isn't quite as polished (shine wise) as I thought but it's a gorgeous color and solidly built

Nelson Cheng (Sydney, AU)
Beautiful and solid craftsmanship

What more can I say about this cabinet? It's really solidly built and exudes quality craftsmanship straight from the get go with the packaging.
The sizing is perfect for all standard deck sizes though it won't fit anything out of the norm such as Touch's cardistry deck (which has a wider pack).
There's enough clearance on each edge so your deck won't scratch up on the sides of each shelf even with the shrink wrap on the deck.

M.A.C. (Phoenix, US)
Awesome card cabinet

Really well built, plus it looks great in a self or table top.

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