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Pritam Roychowdhury (College Station, US)

Veryy good

Arthur NOEL (Elzange, FR)
Love them

I think those are some pretty dope cards they are my favorite one

Robert Gamble (Plymouth, US)

Starting with the tuck case, the soft touch grey background with light embossing of a gold pattern and lettering and symbols is attractive. I admit that compared to many tuck cases, this one is a touch subdued although still classy. I prefer the cards to be nicer than or on par with the tuck case anyhow, and that is certainly the case here. The back design is complex and attractively colored in shades of gold and brown with a thin white border. The thick, darker lines make the cards look simpler than they are, and contribute to an overall elegant look at first glance that rewards close inspection. Everything on the faces is custom, from the font to the drops from the suit and value in the corners, to the pips and courts. There are almost no missteps, although I find that the corner tracings/watermarks are a touch too strong and make it harder than necessary to make out the value. Maybe these designs would have been better served either fainter, or placed in the empty corners. The suit symbols below the value are a touch small as well, especially for older eyes like mine. The aces and courts are simply beautiful and anything I wrote about them wouldn't do them justices unless I used the necessary 1000 words per picture. They handle as expected for a card deck printed by the USPCC. I wish there were a 4.5 rating available as these do not quite achieve perfection in my eyes, so since a previous reviewer gave them a 5, I will give them a 4. But it truly is a beautiful card deck for a collection

Mark (Dallas, US)

Fantastic deck!