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Darwin Ortiz Lecture - Playing Cards and Magic Tricks - 52Kards

Darwin Ortiz is a MASTER of close-up card magic and gambling techniques. Known worldwide for the many books that he has released on both subjects, Darwin is sure to delight with his charming presentations and ridiculously smooth handling of some of the most intricate of techniques. Having spent DECADES deceiving others with his uncanny skills, Darwin is sharing some of the many classic effects that he is known for, plus some new, unpublished material.

This lecture will leave you wanting more, as he dives deeply into presentation, sleights and theory.

Let's take a look at some of the effects that Darwin will be bringing AT THE TABLE:

Fast Company -
One of the most convincing versions of Triumph you'll ever perform. Thanks to a great new presentational angle, it may also be the most entertaining.

Jacks Or Better -
Darwin's latest handling of this highly commercial gambling routine from Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table.

Hard Target -
A two-phase sandwich effect that seems to present an uncanny demonstration of skill.

The New Back Off -
Start with four double-backed cards and 'magicially' print faces on each. If you are a fan of packet tricks, this is one of THE most convincing packet tricks that you will ever perform.

Card Sense -
A baffling triple card divination. A multiple selection routine that is sure to stun and fool!

Appointment in Samarra -
A unique effect and a powerful presentation that will create a memorable experience for your audience.

PLUS! Darwin will present an effect from his latest book, Lessons in Card Mastery. Sorry folks, this is a performance only.

Customer Reviews

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George Zajacek (Easton, US)

So cool. This is the benchmark and the pinnacle from one of the masters. Here is a great example of what can happen if you invest in practice ( a life time or two and have supernatural skill). Heavy on gambling sleights and card table work.

Gonzalo Ortiz Hahmann (Guatemala City, GT)
Great routines by Darwin

One trick in the lecture requires a memorized deck, other tricks require a perfect faro shuffle. I think it's worth it to learn these 2 things because what you get in return are amazing routines by Darwin. I felt like he could go deeper on some points but I guess he asumes you have a certain level of knowledge if you get this lecture.

Owen Zhang (Herndon, US)
Great Lecture

Lots of great content, but most if not all of the moves are tabled. Goes into great detail!
**Sidenote**: Learn a perfect faro shuffle!

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