Accordion-style multi-function bag

The ultimate solution for packet storage

A packet trick is a very particular type of effect in the card magic world. The magician uses only a few cards to utilize a few simple sleights to create a fascinating illusion. Thus, it is a must-have -- or we can say "everyday carry" in magicians' lives.

Normally a packet trick only contains four or five cards - they can be easily damaged by bending.

To solve this problem, TCC designed a multiple packet wallet and it received a lot of attention. However, these soon sold out. Since then, we have not produced such a packet wallet because we have been exploring more scientific methods of carrying packet tricks.

Finally, we present our ultimate solution, Accordion-style multi function bag.

It's a two-in-one design of the packet wallet. The playing card bag comes with 10 slots that can store more than 50 cards in total. The Accordion-style multi function bag also has several features that the previous one did not have.

1. The accordion-style design can perfectly show all your packets. Therefore, all the packets will be immediately unfolded right in front of your eyes at the moment you open it. This enables you to better locate and remove the packet or gaff card that you wish to use as quickly as possible.

2.More compact storage. Accordion-style packet slots will automatically collapse when the packet storage side is closed. This protects your packets, making them straight and flat.

3. Helps protect the secret use of packet and gaff cards. You wouldn't want to simply remove the packet from the bag - audiences might feel that the packet has been prepared in advance. However, if you first take out the normal deck to perform a few tricks, and later you take out the packet or gaff card from the other side during the offbeat, this will greatly reduce the possibility of being suspected.

That is why we call it the "ultimate solution." We hope that it can bring you as much fun as we think you'll have, whether for performance or daily carry.
  • High-quality silver zipper
  • Perfectly combined card case and packet wallet together
  • 10 slots for packet storage
  • The accordion-style design perfectly shows all your packets
  • More compact storage design avoids packet deformation

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris De Tone (Clearwater, US)
Nicely made, but packet trick slots are too small…

I’ll admit that it’s nice looking, but the slots for the packet tricks are too small.
Of course, they’re fine for 3-4 card tricks like Color Monte and B’Wave. But, not for Sympathetic Aces or Wildcard.
But, I want it to work so I will just have to use 2 slots for the tricks with more than 4 cards.

James (Madison, US)
Bulky, but has to be…

Holds a whole deck of cards and the other section holds about 10 to 12 packets. There is even room for other gimmicks. I use it as a storage for my packets Amd the deck I love at the moment. I hope to take it out and about when I’m able in my technical skills. Fits nicely in my backpack or messenger bag or a Fanny pack.

Rick Bagley (Corte Madera, US)
Really Great Product

Excellent for carrying just what I need!

Samuel Melendez (New York, US)

I started doing card tricks a little more than a year ago, and now I correct people when they say "Oh! You're a magician!". I correct them by informing them that I'm learning "Cardistry", an art form. I purchased the Accordion Wallet mainly for my packets, and I LOVE IT!!!! I'm no longer preoccupied that my gaff cards are going to get bent, dirty, or damaged. I would have preferred it in black, but I don't regret buying the brown one. The only thing negative? NOTHING!!!

John Ryan (Ridgewood, US)
The Ultimate Solution

Oh man... Where to start with this? This is incredible to say the absolute least! The amount of magic that can fit in this relatively small case is nuts. This is amazing and well worth it’s price for all the storage and utility that it provides. Easy 5 stars!

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