Cucumber Mint

Mint playing cards provide the perfect balance of form and function. With an air of nostalgia, Mint combines elements from vintage casino decks with a modern aesthetic to create a design that is truly timeless.

This 2nd Edition Cucumber Mint deck features the iconic Mint design pattern printed in a rich shade of green. Proudly crowdfunded on Kickstarter. 

The cards are printed by the United States Playing Card Company on a Crushed Casino Grade Bee Stock and coated with a silky Air Cushion Finish. Your hands deserve nothing but the best. The cards are carefully packaged in a beautiful embossed and foil laced tuck case and then sealed with a branded 'Second Edition' tax stamp.

Mint playing cards feature a number of valuable features for magicians. The back design includes the new and improved multi-directional Mint Marking System. The cards are Traditionally Cut to help facilitate the execution of perfect Faro Shuffles. Each deck also includes a Double Backer gaff card and two identical Jokers.

This deck was presented as a part of the MINT 2 Kickstarter project in 2018. Over 5,600 incredible backers came together to raise a historic $564,558 in crowdfunding to make this deck a reality. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Handling? Perfect. Look? Perfect. Stock? Perfect. Marking system? Perfect. These are some of the best cards that have EVER been produced. Period.

Fantastic Cards

I can physically feel the difference between these cards and a normal deck. They are smoother and more durable than a regular deck and these will probably last me longer too. Highly recommend to anyone doing magic.

Thanks a lot Noah, glad you like them

honesly so nice . thay are a classy hard for a high end gig

Thanks Bradley, we aim to please.
52 stars?

Yeah why not! A beautiful and high quality product cards... I'm getting up there in years and my eyesight certainly is not great, but with a little practise I was able to master the marking scheme. If I can do it anybody can😃

Thanks a lot Neil, glad to hear it.
Great cards at an afforable price

The overall deck-design is very elegant and the finish of the cards is excellent. The box is a piece of art in and of itself. Regarding the marking system: I've seen more intuitive examples with potentially easier visual acquisition and quicker decoding but it works given enough practice - I guess it just makes the markings extra sneaky.
My cards were printed slightly off-center in one of the two decks I ordered, which I suppose wasn't intended, but I'm not subtracting any stars because of that - now I can benefit from a nice one-way deck.

Thank you for your purchase and review Jan. We endeavour to produce and manufacture our playing cards to the highest standards, if you're ever unhappy with anything you receive from us please get in touch and we will look in to it.
I love it!

I love the way the deck feels, it’s smooth, and when I do tricks I’m a lot faster and it’s amazing on how great they feel! I have to get the whole collection

Thanks Michael, we love to hear this.

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