Close-Up Bag

Here's a Close-Up Bag to help make your shows go smoothly!

Instead of jamming all your props together in a disorderly fashion, here's a way to separate them so they're easy to reach at a moment's notice.

Convenient to carry Close-Up Bag.

Simple, black appearance makes your magic seem more mysterious.

Space is flexible -- you can adjust the partitions according to the size and shape of your props.

Waterproof fabric, sponge partition (cushioning, shockproof) to protect your favorite props.

Dimensions of the bag are 13" (length) by 9.5" (width) by 3.5" (height).

You'll also project more professionalism when carrying this Close-Up Bag!


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Super Travel Case

This case is exactly what you need. You can carry a fair amount of decks, depending on how you organize the dividers. In addition you can save space to put your gaffs, hand creme, and anything else you need. It won't hold your performance mat but it fits right on top of it if you carry it under your arm.
The product is very well made and I'm happy extremely happy with it.

Thank you for your purchase and review Tom.

This is a great little bag. I can carry all I need for a nice verity of effects. It look great too..

Glad to hear you're happy with it, thanks Albert.
liked it so much, i bought 2

i rated this product as 4 stars because it has 2 “flaws.” and to be honest, those flaws are purely subjective. first, in a world of 14” magic wands, the case is 13” wide. second, i’m not in love with the supplied organizational dividers (i want 2 long ones). other than those (subjective) issues, the case is pretty great!

in reality, i knew the size going in, and i guess the picture shows the supplied dividers. the case isn’t perfect (rounded corners cause a bit of an issue with packing it full), the material/construction quality make the case feel like it should cost more than it does.

Thank you for your purchase and review Keith.

This bag is perfect for small walk arounds. Also for having just enough magic on you for family and friends.
I love being able to move the inner parts around to change the space.

Great bag!

I recently bought this bag for my husband. He has recently got back into magic and was carrying all of his cards and tricks in a cardboard box and I figured he needed an upgrade. He absolutely loves it. All of the movable pieces are nice so he can arrange it however he wants. I love the simplicity and how minimalistic it is. So glad I got it for him and such a great price compared to other bags I was looking at!

Hands down amazing bag

Bought this as a bit of an impulse buy and I gotta say; I regret nothing. This bag has been a huge help in keeping my props and cards organized. I've received multiple compliments since I've been using it.
It really makes you look a like a true professional. Would recommend a 100x over

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