Technique Playing Cards is a tool that will help you create and expand your skills in the amazing art of cardistry. 

"What I think is so great about Technique is how simple and easy it is to create new moves by exploring unknown possibilities. The design seamlessly adapts to the fundamentals of cardistry while simultaneously offering infinite new directions for cardists to explore. It's like (Technique) has unlocked a Pandora's Box of new moves and I can't wait to see what comes from it." 
- David Buck 

It has been two years in the making and it has gone through multiple design iterations to get it just right. The deck consists of 5 back designs with a rotating border of color. Each color is parallel to its mate. The location of these colors is based on the most common edge grips used in cardistry. Since each back is a one way, if you rotate it 180 degrees, you get another back design! 10 in total! 

The basic use of Technique Playing Cards is to pick one (or more) of the five colors on the back and that is your contact point. Each time you break off a new packet, you reveal a new back design and also a new location for your chosen color! This forces you to contact only that color and ends up putting you into random, new positions and creating new movements every time you break off a new packet! 

The faces have been colorized with vibrant pinks, blues, golds, and grays: with the traditional reds being pink and the blacks being a light gray, giving depth and amazing visual appeal when flourishing. 

Technique Playing Cards can be used for more than just random creation, but also getting you through those mental creative blocks when trying to find a closer or opener for that flourish you have been stuck on for months. 

By limiting how you flourish with Technique Playing Cards, you will actually improve. Play with limiting the colors you use, the number of fingers that touch the cards, or start in the most impossible grips and see where Technique Playing Cards will take you!


Technique Playing Cards is the FIRST and ONLY deck of cards designed specifically to help you create cardistry instantly. 

"Technique Playing Cards helps push your creative side and force you into new spaces, accelerating your learning and understanding of cardistry tenfold!" 
- Sean O. 

"I've never been able to create a single flourish in my life... but with these cards I think I finally have a chance." 
- Blake Vogt 

"It's a rainbow towards imagination. It can change the way we think." 
- Shivraj Morzaria 

"Create flourishes in seconds! Expand your mind with forced grips that boost your arsenal." 
- CJ Ocampo 

"Technique is going to change how we learn and develop new cardistry moves." 
- Edgar "World Champ" 

"Chris is onto something. Love this." 
- Zach Mueller 



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Cool concept. The color of the faces are unnecessary. Neat overall though.

Finger twister

Cool design and quality deck. Let the cards do the thinking for a change.

Very cool!

I love it


i carry this deck everywhere!! my creativity just flows from playing with the cards.


Look even better when you play with them yourself. Would recommend a touhsand times !

Great Deck

The best possibility’s for cardistry is this Deck!

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