"Regalia is a symbol of excellence, prestige, and innovation. The moment your audience gazes at each individual gold-foiled card, they'll know they're about to witness something spectacular. Each card is crafted with the finest crushed linen paper found in Belgium. And the gold foil was developed and produced in-house to the most exacting standards by Cartamundi. 

"And now the box - it's a revolutionary two-layer case, featuring both a luxurious appeal as well as double-layer protection for the cards. Covered in gold embossed foil, this box is in perfect harmony to the prestigious cards. 

"And while this is absolutely not how I speak in real life, I just wanted to write something fancy for the ad copy. This is seriously an amazing deck of cards. They feel great in the hands and yes, they Faro shuffle perfectly. I present to you Regalia Playing Cards, printed by Cartamundi, designed by Nick Vlow, and produced by yours truly." 
- Shin Lim


Customer Reviews

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Splendid deck

I would not normally spend so much money on a deck of playing cards but this deck was an exception . I didnt expect this deck to be this good and I originally expected the default version of this deck.
The company wrote to me and told me they were out of stock and offered a refund or a set of white regalia, I just accepted the white offer.

This deck is made up of two slip cases, a ribbon allows you to pull the first case out.
An ingenious design because standard decks simply have a lid which over time and use breaks off.
Not so with this deck.

There is embossed gold gilt on this white case. This decorative technique is more commonly used on books.
The stock used for the fifty four cards is textured and well designed.

Watching Shim Lim is fairly intense and his card handling is exceptional.
I see no reason to use these cards but once in a while I will admire them :)

Regalia, one of my personal favorites

This deck is great. So crisp, so pristine and it just look gorgeous. The deck feels good and the first time you use these cards, you can tell it is top of the line premium quality. Great for cardistry, magic, and poker with buddies!

Regalia is great, definitely recommend

Very soft deck and definitely handles extremely well. Smooth edges very luxurious. The design is beautiful and uniquely along with the tuck box.


This is my favorite deck yet. Not only is it stunning at first sight, the boxing is very elegant. Also, these cards are so smooth and handle extremely well. Shin Lim is a genius..


Good cards look amazing

Great all around

Shin Lim on Penn and Teller is why i got into card magic. These are awesome cards but i will be using them as collectable more then playing since they looks great

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