There is something inherently luxurious when large sums of money change hands.
The Gamblers Playing Cards (Borderless Black) is for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

A chosen few like you, understand the incredible feel of the crushed stock when the cards brush the felt. The thrill of the next shuffle.
The spectators look for you to perform. To entertain.

But deep within the depths of darkness, holds a link to forbidden knowledge.
The Gamblers Playing Cards (Borderless Black) markings tell you everything you need to know.
Hidden within the eloquent, yet mesmerizing back design.

"A secret's worth depends on the people from whom it must be kept."
- Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Peek inside the tuck and admire the gold foil.
Experience the opulence. Join the high rollers. Corvus Oculum Corvi Non Eruit

There is honor amongst thieves.
Complete solidarity amongst a group of like-minded people regardless of the consequences or condemnation.
And for that, two cards remain unmarked.
One red. One blue.

  • Completely custom card designs. Everything. Pips, court, the entire deck. (Perfect for the gambler, magician or cardist.)
  • Luxurious embossed tuck, with inside gold foil.
  • Crushed stock
  • Gaff card included
  • Printed by USPCC.
  • Designed by Christofer Lacroste and Drop Thirty Two.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Too perfect

These cards are beautiful and handle great. And the marking system is so good that I still haven't figured it out haha!

Hi Vincent, send us a message to if you need any help
Great puzzle

This deck of card had me a good time. It is a marked deck and it is extremely well hidden. I had to spend like 30minutes to figure out how it is marked, but it was fun!
P.S. you do not need to tear open the tuck case (I learned this the hard way)

Thank you so much for your purchase and review

The feel and look of these cards is just pure class. Shipping to Germany without problems. Thanks guys!

Glad to hear it, thanks Paul
Great Cards

Got a new crib board and was looking for some nice cards to go with it, cards deal great and are very nice to look at too.

Really classy looking deck these, thanks Shane.
Nice cards

Not disappointed

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