Inner Circle

For the first time ever, three groundbreaking items in one package:

  • LOOPS®

This combination is the ultimate utility to perform the art of levitations and animations.

You will receive:

1. The patented Innercircle Card, the official carrying case for the most astonishing and versatile tool in magic, Loops! This custom-made carrying case was specially engineered to look like a credit card making it extremely convenient to slip right into your wallet, not only protecting your Loops, but also making them easily accessible. You can rest assured knowing that the Loops in your Innercircle Card are 100% protected from any amount of force or direct pressure.

2. One pack of Loops®: one of the most practical and versatile inventions in the history of magic. Loops are used by masters like David Blaine, Cyril and Criss Angel to create simple but powerful miracles.

3. The groundbreaking guide to Loops, Animated Miracles, now revised and fully converted into the digital format via internet. Detailed explanations and illustrated diagrams make all of the effects easy to learn.

Learn 10 unforgettable effects that are easy to master, as well as full presentations, tips, and subtleties.


  • The Animated Fork
  • Phenomenon Fork
  • Kinetic Power
  • The Floating Card
  • Jumping Fork
  • Mystery Glasses
  • Matchical Magnetism
  • Mesika Haunted Pack
  • Invisible Touch
  • The Floating Ring

Perform these effects instantly anytime, anywhere - and yes! Completely surrounded!

Welcome to the INNERCIRCLE!



Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Stuart Ginsburg (Troy, US)
inner circle card

I love this little gimmick. so easy to carry in wallet. This card stays closed and keeps loops protected and easily accessible. the one complaint i have about the kit i purchased is that the animated miracles is an E- booklet. i do much better with video than written instructions . i wish it came with a link to a video performance followed by an explanation.

Bradley Macvittie (Houston, US)
It was okay

I’ve owned innercircle before so it was nothing new. But i gotta say, people say the invisibility is like 9/10. But I’d say the invisibility is more like 5/10. I’d rather just buy mesika elastics. They are more invisible. If I use the loops pre-made, people will definitely see the string. But other than that, great product. It does have flexibility and strength. When you buy the loops though, don’t just start using them. Stretch them out first. Or else they will break and you will waste money quickly.

Thanks for the review.

Nicholas U (Tønsberg, NO)
Inner Circle

Love the gimick. With the loops you'll be able to preform amazing stuff. When you buy the "Inner Circle" you'll recive tutorial to all the trick shown in the trailer and ofc the product too.

Thank you for your purchase and review.

Cody Mclain

Loops are great and the animated miracles are good. I wasnt very impressed with the innercircle card. I dont see myself using it. Hindsight, i wish i wouldve just bought 2 or 3 packs of loops for the money. I love the concept of the innercircle card, but quality is lacking in my opinion. I still give it 4 stars as the loops get great reaction with minimal skill.

Thanks for the review Cody.

Felipe Peña y Lillo (Santiago, CL)

I love to be with my loops all the time.

Dominick Heidkamp (Naperville, US)

Really nice cards

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