Duvivier Wallet

After 15 years of waiting, it's available again! THE all-in-one revolutionary wallet:

- Himber Wallet: You can use it for your favorite routines using a switching wallet.

- Kaps Wallet: The signed card disappears from the deck and then reappears in the inside zippered compartment of your wallet!

- "Modified" Bendix Bombshell: The signed card disappears from the wallet and then reappears in the inside zippered compartment of the wallet!

Perform almost ALL the effects that you can imagine with a wallet!

Playing cards, routines with money, mentalism, credit cards...

  • Spectacular effects!
  • Easy to do.
  • Exceptional manufacturing in genuine leather.
  • Several routines explained.
  • Tips and bonus.
  • Online instructions.
What they think:

"Let's imagine, an absolutely universal wallet, but however with a completely ordinary aspect."
- Jean-Jacques Sanvert

"Allows everybody to perform very interesting and unique effects... Very well manufactured and really looks like a real wallet... It's top quality at every level."
- Kevin James

The versatile Duvivier Wallet can help you perform extraordinary effects that will fry your audiences!

Customer Reviews

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Raymond Hourigan (Waterbury, US)
Duvier Wallet

This is exactly what I was looking for. The only negative comment I have is where you are supposed to put bills. It is a wallet after all.

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