Bicycle Rider Back

Bicycle Playing Cards-Poker Size Bicycle playing cards are the worldwide standard for magicians. These cards are essential in every magician's kit, regardless of the level, they are the cards that are instantly recognized worldwide. Produced and manufactured by the US Playing card company, these poker size cards offer the best quality finish for durability and are available in multiple colors.




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ELL- / ELL1317 (Tripoli, LY)
Best shop ever

I really love the quality of the cards
I'm sure I will buy more soon

Tony S (Cincinnati, US)
Everything from 52 kards is exceptional!

I love playing cards and rider backs are classics! Always great to have extras.

Michael Rzeznik (Carmel, US)
Very Happy!! I do have a couple notes to be aware of that may be helpful.

I ordered the Gold, Silver, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, and Violet decks. Standard Bicycle Decks, so the card quality is typical good USPCC quality. I was just looking for a standard deck of cards with the different color backs, but as I was waiting for delivery I wondered if I could expect a DF and blank card in each deck. I was pleasantly surprised that I did get those, and a couple more, in each deck. I have no idea if each color deck is the same on each printing, I assume they are. In any case, I've summarized the gaffs that came with my decks in the event in influences your decision.

Each deck came with the standard 52 cards, a BW joker, and 3 additional cards. Silver & Purple had the same additional cards; dup joker and 2 gaffs. The Gold deck also had a dup joker, but the 2 gaffs in this deck were different than the Silver and Purple gaffs. The Yellow deck came with a DB, Blank and another unique gaff.

The additional cards for the Orange, Indigo, and green decks were 1 standard DB, 1 mixed DB, and one blank face. The mixed DB in the Orange deck was Red on the reverse side, which I liked for use with my standard Bikes. The second DB for the Green & Indigo decks was backed with the PINK bikes. Not my favorite because the PINK look a lot like the standard red, but not quire, which is why I didn't order them. So that was a bit of a negative on the second DB for those decks, but since I wasn't expecting them anyway, still a bonus.

In terms of the just the back colors, Green, Purple, and Indigo are the most vibrant and my favorites, with Orange right up there with them. The Gold are pretty nice, the Silver are pretty good, but it depends on the lighting. The Yellow are the least impressive in there own, but are great when you need contrast.

I hope this was worth the read, and before I forget.... Thanks 52Cards for the online tutorials and your product selection. First class outfit!!

Ken Wyldes (Phoenix, US)
Excellent quality

This is not the first time I've ordered these cards and probably won't be the last.

Richard Jacobs (San Francisco, US)
A little color

I am a relative novice in the sleight of hand skills, but I enjoy it even at my level. I decided to "add a little color" to my routines. Hence the order of multiple color cards from 52Kards. I love them--orange silver, yellow, etc add a little uniqueness to my tricks and the colors distract the audience, also very helpful. Thanks 52Kards for the supplies and your continued instructions.

Robert Baxter (The Bronx, US)

Typical Bicycle decks just alternate colors. They do include a few gaff cards as well. Will definitely pick up more.

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