Neon Trainers

Cardistry is already such a unique art form and The Neon Deck is how the SansMinds Creative Lab wants to contribute to that art form.

The Neon Deck is not your regular acrylic trainer. It has been specially made to glow under a black light! That way, the deck will make your cardistry video even more exciting!

Each deck is made up of 9 packets. Every piece is customized into 2mm thick from raw material that is 30% thinner than standard existing material, for the ultimate performance. The deck's length and width is of a standard playing card size (2.5 inches by 3.5 inches) giving it the perfect dimensions to help you show off those chops.

Each piece is laminated front and back to ensure that you receive them in mint condition.

Collect all the colors now and push your cardistry to a completely different level!


Customer Reviews

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Neon trainers

Very clean. I bought a black light head lamp and use these in the dark. Great price for the quality.

Neon Trainers

Nice quality and fast delivery. Customer service was very responsive. They do pick up scratches easier than I'd like, but still satisfied. Caution, over enthusiastic attempts to remove the protective film will result in scratching. The video demo of the Neon Trainers mentions free instructional videos, which were a challenge to find. I tracked them down to the SansMinds Facebook page under videos and searching for "neon". I suggested that customer service post the links to the vids where buyers could more easily find them... and right here:
Trick #1

Nice Product

Pretty good quality

Great product

It's super nice as soon as you peel off the protective film on each of the packet. It wasn't what I expected as the shiny surface will get scratches very easily over time. There's one (out of the 9) packet has a small patch spiderweb crack from the inside (not surface scratch) Doesn't bother me that much as you don't need all 9 to practice anyways.

Fast delivery and great product

Very fast delivery and product exactly what we ordered

Neon trainers

Excellent product helps greatly with pivot cuts and such,without me destroying my more expensive decks of cards. Durable and cool to watch under black light... A win win situation.


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