Bicycle Gold Label

Each deck of Gold Seal Bicycle Cards is constructed using Bee stock, world renowned for its flexibility, yet long-lasting durability. They are stamped to a caliper/thickness that facilitates classic moves like bottom and center dealing and are embossed to a depth that does not break down the structural integrity of the card, yet still allows each card to breathe properly, thereby reducing the gum-up and hangers often caused by finger moisture. But, most importantly, since these cards were manufactured to Richard Turners demanding personal specifications, they  are Traditionally Cut!    

Magicians and cardmen from around the world have asked Richard many times to employ the same card-making standards he developed for his Gamblers and Bee Cards to create a top of the line deck of the most popular playing cards ever produced, the trademarked 808 Rider Back Bicycles. The magic community also asked that Richard include two traditional matching Jokers in his deck, as well as a blank card with the Rider Bike back to use in reverse fans. Performers of gambling-related acts will also find the blank card useful as a cut-card when performing Greek-deals and other moves requiring a nondescript bottom card.  


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These Richard Turner design Gold Label decks are definitely a pleasure when doing card work. They utilize Bee card stock which feels a bit sturdier, fan better with this finish, and are cut differently than the standard Bicycles. If cared for, they will definitely last longer than the standard decks. Absolutely recommended! Well, maybe I shouldn't say that cause I want to be selfish and make sure there are more for me in the future.

No need to worry Ron, these aren't going anywhere!!
Excellent cards

Product is exactly as advertised. Excellent quality.

Professional Quality Cards

I expect my employees to understand and learn how to shuffle a deck of cards. In addition, I want my employees to inherently understand the feeling and touch that it takes when handling playing cards within a casino environment, specifically. These cards accomplish that task. I no longer expect an employee to pick up any deck of cards from the corner store; rather, each new employee gets handed a blue and red, gold label, Bicycle deck that are well built, durable and are easy for beginners, or, not-so-beginners to handle.

Thank you for the review David, we love the gold labels too.

I didnt think uspcc could make better cards than bicycles but boy was i wrong. These are incredible. And 52Kards has come through every time!


Nice cards

Nice upgrade from regular bicycles

Really nice quality, cards handle like the blue seals and the vintage tuck case is awesome.

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