Black Widow



Its venom is reported to be 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake's.

In humans, Black Widow bites can bring on nausea, muscle aches, and make breathing difficult for those who do not respect the ruby-red hourglass warning.

Black Widow Playing Cards is perfect for magicians and cardists who want to capture the attention of their prey. Ensnaring their audiences with its metallic red foil web, and the tell-tale hourglass adorning the card backs.

Feel the power as you destroy the custom red fly seal.

Let the printing design inside the tuck, surround you... wrap you... with its macabre beauty.

  • Designed by Justin Froyd
  • Custom designed court cards, Aces and Jokers
  • Metallic red foil and embossed tuck

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris (Alpharetta, US)
Black Widow Perfection

These cards are awesome and came in mint condition.

Amy Gravelle (Orleans, CA)
Awesome deck!

The Black Widow deck has an awesome design and it handle well! I love the combination of both black and red on the tuck box and the back design of the cards. I recommend these to cardists and magicians as well as playing card collectors or anyone who just want a fun deck of cards to play with!

Rotting_hands (Portland, US)

Super smooth to handle. Design is sicker in person recommend getting a set then just one! Collective worthy!

Jame (Ankara, TR)

Awesome deck of card

Romano (Hale Center, US)
Good Cards!

I really liked the design and the feel of the cards. Definitely worth getting!

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