Cherry Casino (Desert Inn Purple)

Cherry Casino Fremonts (Desert Inn Purple) Playing Cards is the latest installment of the ever-popular Cherry Casino Playing Card line. 

The Desert Inn Purple Cherries edition features the iconic cherry back design that playing card enthusiasts have grown to love, complete with a striking new colorway: soft metallic purple. 

With inspiration stemming from 1950's with all the glamor and glitz of the Painted Desert Showroom, plus the finish and handling of vintage decks. Join the likes of Presidents, Frank Sinatra and Howard Hughes in homage to the acclaimed Desert Inn Casino. 

Printed by The United States Playing Card Company on crushed Bee stock, Desert Inn Purple Cherries are a sheer dream to handle by conjurers and cardists alike. 

Thin yet snappy, the Cherries maintain exceptional quality throughout the duration of their usage, and therefore last far longer than traditional decks. 

Experience a deck for yourself and appreciate the manufactured precision and stunning craftsmanship of the Cherry Casino Fremonts (Desert Inn Purple).

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Crushed Bee stock
  • 2 gaff cards
  • Quintessential Cherry themed Jokers and Ace of Spades
  • Produced by Derek McKee
  • Designed by Sam Devins

This is a Pre-Order. Decks are expected to begin shipping on August 5th.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Great deck design. The purple shade is very soothing.

Great, but not the same

Ever since Murphy's magic took over the production of the cherries, they've never felt quite the same, the stock is different and the metallic finish gives the cards a different feel. They do look great and feel alright, buy they're not the same as the the originals or blacks.

Cherry casino

Cherry casino cards are great looking cards


They just feel so good all the cherries do perfect for cardistry or sleight of hand

Always a good deck

Cherry Casino cards... Always a pleasure to have and honestly have always been in my all time top 5 favorite decks for design and feel.

I was disappointed at how stiff and slippery the cards were

I was disappointed at how stiff and slippery the cards were, unlike the mint cards that are easy and have a good pro feel to them. I would not buy these again

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