Large Deluxe Pad



Murphy's Deluxe Line of Close-Up Pads contain the thickest, high-quality inner cushion on the market today. This extra thick cushion makes it super-easy to pick up coins, cards, or any other object you're using in your performance.
Each Deluxe Pad includes a high quality non-skid rubber bottom, extra thick inner-cushion, and our signature high quality fabric top. Available in two sizes and multiple colors.
  • Acid-dyed fabric top
  • Thick non-slip back
  • Extra thick, dense inner cushion
  • Brilliant colors will not run or fade
  • Easy to clean
  • Won't crease or tear
This Deluxe version is the thickest mat we sell. It provides a generous amount of cushion for all of your magic needs :)

    16 x 23 inches



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 141 reviews
    Jason Castillo (Kapolei, US)
    Awesome card mat

    What an awesome mat. I purchased the thickest version and the feel is absolutely perfect. Material on top of mat is so great. Make sure to cut your nails though as they will easily catch on the mat lol.

    Samuel Lindsey (Tallahassee, US)

    The pad was a great help in both practice and performances, and is just a good pad.

    Robert Angell (Houston, US)
    Pretty good

    It doesn’t have as much give than I’m use to. But that may be good because I need to be on target with my fingers so I don’t get sloppy. So it makes for a good practice mat.

    Taras Babenko (Belleville, US)
    A pro. version.

    This pad will define you as a outstanding magician. Look good to be good. Terry..................

    Justin Rainey (Clifton, US)
    Makes things so much easier for me!

    I got the deluxe version, well worth it. I would sometimes have issues picking up cards off my table or a pack would come up in my hands with one or two cards still on the table. This mat cleaned it up a bit for me. Inexpensive and good quality!

    Douglas Ferguson (Perrysburg, US)
    Closeup pad

    Maximum quality, speed, price, shipping.

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