• The Black Mint Deck is coming soon!

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry

    52Kards has had the goal to produce a custom deck of playing cards for many years. The time has finally come to make it a reality.

    We are proud to present the highly anticipated Black Mint deck. These playing cards provide a merger of form and function. The elegant back design is aesthetically appeasing the the eye without attracting any unwanted attention; and yet they mask an incredibly intuitive marking system for the clever magician to take advantage of.

    Watch the preview video:


    Join the Waitlist here - http://52kards.com/mint

  • Special Deck for Card Throwing

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry




    A deck review for the new Banshees Deck of Playing Cards specifically designed for card throwing. These cards are made out of plastic, and have a special cut out so that they whistle during flight. Highly recommended if you like throwing cards!


    Buy the Deck Here: http://amzn.to/1uJbEO8
    Card Throwing DVD: http://amzn.to/1mFW1Rh

    DISCLAIMER: Never throw playing cards at another person (unless they are wearing eye protection, then it's good fun).

  • What Kind of Playing Cards Should Magicians Use?

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry

    With all of the different types of playing cards out there these days I end up getting the question all the time. What kind of playing cards should I be using? Paper or Plastic? Bridge Sized or Standard Poker Sized?

    Personally, I almost always use cards that are produced by the US Playing Card Company. This is the company that produces Bicycle cards, Bee's, Tally Ho's, Aviator, and many more. It is the same company that many magic companies use to produce their own custom decks. The quality off all of these cards is high. They spread nice for a good amount of time, and they are nice and snappy. Pick one you like the look of and start practicing!

    I have featured some of my favorite decks of cards on this page: http://52kards.com/cards

  • Pen Jillette Discusses TV Magic

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry

    Penn from the Penn & Teller gives some insight on a lot of the magic we see on the television skill. There is a big difference between live magic, and pre-recorded footage.